Maroochydore City Centre Set To Be Australia's Fastest Connection To Asia

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Maroochydore City Centre Set To Be Australia's Fastest Connection To Asia

By 2020 Australia’s fastest telecommunications and data connection to Asia will connect directly to the Sunshine Coast and the new Maroochydore City Centre via an international submarine broadband cable.


Currently being constructed by Alcatel Submarine Network (ASN), a 550 km submarine fibre optic cable will connect the Sunshine Coast to the 9600 km Japan-Guam-Australia south (JGA-S) network.


The project is being jointly funded by the Sunshine Coast Council and the Queensland Government is expected to deliver a host of benefits including increased landing locations for telecommunications traffic, increased data transfer speeds, and in the long run, significantly reduced international communication costs for both businesses and consumers to countries such as Japan, China, Hong Kong and the U.S.A.


It is anticipated that the project will create more than 800 new jobs and inject an estimated $700m annually to the region’s economy along with $1.1b annually to the Queensland economy.


This significant investment will place Maroochydore’s CBD as a leading destination for technology-based enterprises, particularly those industries dependent on high volume online transactions as well as those associated with research and development, education, banking and finance.


As the largest Central Business District north of the state capital Brisbane, the Maroochydore City Centre will service a catchment population of more than one million people. The region’s new $1.8b public hospital is just fifteen minutes away at Kawana while the burgeoning University of the Sunshine Coast is also fifteen minutes away at Sippy Downs. The Sunshine Coast Airport which is currently undergoing a significant upgrade to accommodate a new runway to provide direct flights from key destinations in Asia and the Pacific by 2020 is ten minutes drive.


Brisbane is just over an hour away by a multi-lane highway while daily direct flights are available from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney (1.5 hours) and Melbourne (2.5 hours).    


The Sunshine Coast is one of the largest regional economies in Queensland largely due to a number of economic pillars including education, healthcare, tourism, retail and construction. The region is also experiencing strong population grow and is expected to reach 470,000 by 2036.

The international submarine cable project reflects both the Sunshine Coast Council and the Queensland Government’s commitment to ensure Maroochydore’s City Centre as a progressive, connected and vibrant centre.


The Sunshine Coast is coming of age and the future looks bright for Maroochydore with a full range of commercial, retail and mixed-use residential opportunities available within the 53 ha city centre. To learn more about the investment opportunities, visit

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